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iPhone + SSH Tunnel + Socks Proxy = SUCCESS Very Happy PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Thireus   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 17:21

UPDATE: PAC + SSH tunneling + iPhone = Success ^^

UPDATE2: How To Get Socks Proxy + SSH Tunneling To Work On A Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to announce that it's possible to use a local socks proxy with the iPhone with Edge, 3G or Wifi Very Happy

So how does it work?

iPhone + ssh -D E/3G/Wifi My_Server

I'm not going to explain everything here. For those who don't know what tunneling is, it's all explained here: ssh dynamic tunneling

What's great is that I have created a simple shell script that runs in background of my iPhone and automatically detects if the connexion is lost, or if the phone switches between Wifi/3G/Edge. Smile

So when the script is launched, it automatically creates the ssh tunnel and recreate it if the connexion has been lost.




What's great is that I can bypass almost every restricted services as the data comes from the server and not from the local FAI.

I'm going to post a How To with my script if some people are interested with this Smile

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2010-03-31 14:45:59

very interesting, i looking for that solution since a long time. Could you give us more detail for that config? i have a ssh server running on port 443 =)

( I need a how to for the .pac file and shell script. I can open manualy the tunnel from the iphone with terminal..)

2010-03-31 17:49:26

It's coming soon on my website Smile

I'm gonna make an iPhone category for any hacks I create.

I keep you in touch,

2010-04-29 01:40:26

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